• Argentine Tango can be serious business but at Toqua Tango our emphasis is on having FUN!
  • You think you have two left feet? WHO CARES!? We're not here to ready you for the world championships. We're here to help you discover this wonderful dance, have fun, and make friends along the way!
  • "Dance, my love!" he said to me.
    "You'll love, you'll laugh, you'll truly be."
  • Students are from a vast variety of backgrounds and are of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.
  • At Toqua Tango we are one big dancing family and actively encourage those of different abilities to dance with one another.
  • Focussing on your strengths and learning abilities allows you to get from the dance whatever you want to achieve.
  • Toqua Tango is run by Hannah Cooper.

  • Toqua Tango was launched in 2015 when Hannah was asked to teach a workshop. She has since continued to enjoy sharing her love of this dance.
    • Hannah prides herself on maintaining an emphasis on a fun, friendly and relaxed approach in her classes.